”THAT kind of person” Tag ENG

Today I thought that i could do a ”THAT kind of person” Tag. I mean ”Ah, Such a person” Tag. The one I found had 25 questions, so let do it!

1. Which chewing gum do you usually buy?
– I usually have Jenkkis spearmint or a lemon-lime flavor.

2. What you always have in the fridge?
– Butter

3. Biscuits or tjex?
– Tjex!

4. Do you have milk in your coffee?
– Coffee without milk / cream or sugar is not coffee: D

5. Apple or android?
– Android of course. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, but I am waiting that I could afford to buy the S6: D, so android it is !

6. Do you rinse the toothbrush with water before or after you add the toothpaste?
– I do both actually hahah: D

7. Which way are you facing in the shower?
– Mostly my back against the shower

8. Wrinkle or fold the toilet paper?
– Fold: D

9. How do you kill time while you are on the public transportation?
– Now I do not need to use public transportation when we have the car, but then when I had to take it, then the phone been a great time-killer  🙂 music, games, FB: D

10. Window seat or aisle seat?
– Window Seat! And I am so selfish that I spread myself all over the seat xD haha

11. Stressed or calm?
– If I have a lot to do, and my brain is completely filled with things I should do just like it has been now a very long time, then I’m stressed. But mostly I am a calm and happy.

12. Patient or impatient?
– I am someone who you would classify as the world’s most impatient human being in the entire universe !! I can not wait for something: D

13. Organizer or impulsive?
– I am most a planner, but in some cases , I can also be impulsive: D

14. Dressed up or under dressed?
– I’m probably most of the time under dressed hahah: D

15. The east coast or the west coast?
– I have no idea: D

16. Do you sleep with the door open or closed?
– I always have it open 🙂

17. Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
– On the left side, and of course on the belly: D

18. What is your photo face?

–  This I have the most: D



19. Music or books?
– Both of course: D

20. SMS or email?
– I always use text messages daily 😀 And mail is for the slightly more important cases.

21. Sweet or salty?
– Sweet! ?

22. Can you reach your nose with your tongue?
– Nah

23. Do you believe in ghosts?
– Yes I do: D

24. Do you believe in ailiens?
– Well … the universe’s amazingly big and endless so it is not impossible that they may be something out there.

25. What do you think happens after death?
– Well … good question, either you stay here on earth haunting, or you end up to the so-called heaven or hell 😀 or you become a flower or something: D