Idag tänkte jag faktiskt pröva på att göra ett inlägg på engelska 🙂 får se hur det går 😀

Hope you like it 😀

It is Tuesday again folks.

I hope you all have a very good day today.

I was at work yesterday very early so i was kind of tired because i didn’t get that much sleep that night, perhaps one and a half hour tops.

But i don’t really mind because today i have to go to work at 3 p.m so  🙂

Today i went to the library for myself …. it was so relaxing 😀

I haven’t been there for very long time now because Conny do not like book’s at all and when we are in the library, he is bored to death.

And Alice… She can not sit still 🙂

But now when she is at daycare i can go by myself <3 😀 and i love it <3

I think i was there for an hour 🙂 lovely <3

And i came home with six book’s in total 😀


There are two in english, three in swedish and last but not least one in finnish to Conny 😀

I don’t know how i am going to read all of them before it is time to return them back, but everything is possible 😉

Well today my mum is coming for a quick visit before she goes home. Always nice to have her here sometimes at the week <3

And then i have to go to work :/ i would rather stay at home, but then i have 2 day’s off so 🙂 Jeeee, i am so exited for tomorrow  😉

More about that tomorrow, now i am going to take it easy and relax for a bit 🙂

Have a good one <3 🙂 Bye 🙂